Is Camp Tipsy safe?

No. Camp Tipsy is real. You need to bring what you need to survive. You need to take care of yourself. You need to be careful. It’s camping, in the woods. There could be snakes, bears, gorillas… and there is no hospital nearby. But you will not promptly develop parasitic nature warts and die, either. It’s just camping out in the country. There are lots of people there with you. If you actually need help, ask kindly, and someone can try to help you.


What’s the security, medical, and lifeguard situation?

There will be security and first aid staff on-site. We have a medical area (a dedicated tent) and it will be clearly marked. There are lifeguards BUT they will be on-duty only in specific areas (also marked) during certain times. Still, please be careful especially with little kids in the water, and watch out for them yourself if at all possible. And don’t go in the water at night. There are lots of reasons not to do that.


How safe is the shop?

Everyone is totally welcome to work on boats in the Camp Tipsy shop, but please watch where you step—it’s a giant construction zone. If you don’t know for sure how to use a power tool, ask the Shop Steward for help before injuring yourself because you’re too cool to ask for help.

You know what helps? This rule: You Must Be Sober in the Shop.


Is sharing booze ok?

It’s called the “Never Give Booze” rule. It’s rule #1. Do not give booze to people. When it’s their own booze the problem is completely different. But now, you are responsible for getting that person drunk—which, incredibly, can and does happen. You have acquired your very own drunk person and will be cleaning up after them.

If you wouldn’t give it away on the street in a city, assume that a campground with 1000+ people is a bad place to do it, too.

There are no bars at Camp Tipsy. You cannot build a bar boat. Or a beach bar. Or a sand bar. Stop it. Your phone can have one bar. Maybe.


What is the policy on harassment or other predatory behavior?

This is really important: Camp Tipsy has zero tolerance for predatory sexual behavior.

Any gathering of this size has the potential to attract people who do not have the best interests of others in mind. Instances of predatory, harassing, or exploitative behavior will be reported, without hesitation, to law enforcement. A professional security team is on duty at all times and Bureau of Reclamation Rangers and other local law enforcement will be present or on call throughout the event if they are needed… do not f*ck with the Camp Tipsy community.

In case it’s unclear what predatory behavior is, you’ve probably been around it before. Some serious problems and ways to deal with them:

  • A guy cruising from woman to woman with an agenda to score is likely looking for an easy mark who’s too drunk to say no. That guy is a predator and needs to be ejected. Even if he didn’t commit a crime (assault, touching a person who cannot give consent). But we can’t do anything about it unless we know; you have to tell us! If that guy knows people are watching out for each other, everyone is safer.
  • If you see someone intoxicated who seems vulnerable, careless, or too out of it, keep an eye on them as well. Try to keep them in a safe space. Make sure they and the guy above never go off together—even for a short while.
  • Always let your friends know if you take off with a new acquaintance, so they know where you’re going and who you’re with. And let them see that you are not, in fact, totally out of it.
  • Catcalling, rude gestures, inappropriate compliments about someone’s body, explicit sexual requests—that gets someone kicked out real quick. And they should be!
  • When you know something that you saw was inappropriate or even criminal sexual behavior, don’t hesitate—report it to security, a staffer, an organizer, ranger, even lifeguard, anyone up the chain. Do it right away. Even if you could be wrong. Even if it’s just a feeling. .
  • Keep an eye on your drink, and be mindful of taking a drink from a stranger. Another good reason for the “never give booze” rule. Never give away drinks. Never accept drinks.

The people who perpetrate the crimes we’re talking about are ultimately responsible, but our awareness goes a long way. This is the best way we can take care of each other.

2013 | Kelly C. Gallamore
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2013 | Kelly C. Gallamore