Where is Camp Tipsy?

Camp Tipsy is at East Park Reservoir near the town of Lodoga, Ca. It’s 139 miles from the Bay Bridge, north on Interstate 5, off from the town of Maxwell.

How do I get to Camp Tipsy?

(No number)
Campground Road
Stonyford, CA 95979

Here’s the location on Google Maps. But be sure to print your directions because you are likely to lose cell service along the way. And print your tickets!

Or to put it another way…

  • First, get to Interstate 5. Not too hard: head east on Interstate 80 if you are coming from the Bay Area.
  • Take the 505 north in Vacaville; don’t miss it!!!
  • Take I-5 north to Maxwell, California.
  • Take Maxwell road west 9 miles. The road will end in a “T”.
  • Turn right onto Sites-Lodoga road (the left option dead-ends in 300 feet). Take that for 13 miles, through the pass.
  • You will see a store on your right: Squaw Creek Inn. The entrance to East Park Reservoir is a few hundred feet past this store, to your right. There are signs to guide you. Enter the park. The speed limit on the roads here is 5 mph. The gate to Camp Tipsy is 1.6 miles in.

Large Vehicle Directions

There is a slightly less hilly way to go, but it takes an additional 30 minutes. Worth it if you have a rig that overheats or you just don’t want to go over  a really steep pass.

  • Instead of getting off at Maxwell, keep on Interstate 5 to Willows.
  • At Willows, exit and go west on highway 162 (Biggs-Willows Road) 29 miles to Elk Creek.
  • From Elk Creek take county road 306 south 18 miles to Stonyford.
  • In Stonyford, take a right on Stonyford-Ladoga road and continue for 9 miles to the EAST entrance to East Park Reservoir.

There is no other way to go. Some maps will show you how to take a “shortcut” using route 20 through Williams. That adds 3 hours, a dirt road, and a steep climb on cliffs with no guardrails. So don’t go that way.

The town of Stonyford is nearby the lake. You might want to go there, they have a nice country store. Say hello to Trish.

There are also campsites near Stonyford. On the other side of the lake, the west side of the lake. By Trish. You are of course welcome to go there. We’ll be over here, on our side of the lake, the east side of the lake. 

What should I bring?

  • your tickets!—Print them. You might not have a data connection.
  • tent
  • sleeping materials
  • something to make a shade structure, if you like
  • lots of water (and a refillable bottle or two)
  • food
  • ICE ICE ICE – Stop in Stonyford or Lodoga and get ice.
  • plates/bowls
  • utensils
  • coffee cup
  • camp stove and pots or panz
  • flashlight or headlamp
  • any medications you’re taking (or might need)
  • toothbrush, toothpaste
  • soap for washing your hands
  • something to float on
  • swimsuit
  • towels
  • sweatshirt or light jacket for layering
  • fun & comfortable clothes
  • sunglasses
  • hat
  • a forklift
  • garbage bags
  • earplugs
  • shoes you can wear in the water
  • special boat-building materials (if you need them)

What should I really NOT bring?

  • amplified music equipment (boomboxes, speakers, amps etc)
  • dirtbikes (into camp)
  • glass bottles
  • fireworks
  • firearms
  • a bad attitude
  • a bad forklift
  • building materials that will contaminate the lake

Additional Supplies

If you forget or run out of ice, food, or most other basic supplies, you can buy more at the Squaw Creek Inn, or at the Stonyford General Store , which is 7 miles from the park.

Is there more information for ticketholders?

Here is an archive of highly informative emails sent to ticketholders.

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