Can I build my boat out of anything?

Yes! Well, no. You can’t pollute the lake. Duh. You cannot use barrels that have had nuclear waste in them to build your yacht. If you are building out of styrofoam, you have to control the stuff so it doesn’t get into the lake. Use giant plastic Saran Wrap—you can get it from Grainger. Anything that goes in the water, comes out of the water.If it sinks… it must be unsunken.

Beyond that, be as creative with materials as you like. Be aware, though: you’ll either need to break down your boat after the contest or haul it home. If you bring special materials for your boat you can leave some of them here for next year.


Can I bring my jet ski or motorized boat?

You can bring that boat. Why are you bringing it to Camp Tipsy? Have you read anything about Camp Tipsy?

Also: boats with ANY motors on them (yes, even electric motors) need to have a CF number and be registered with the state. Yes, even that piece of junk made out of Styrofoam cups, because you put a trolling motor on it. That boat, with a motor on it… is now a motor boat.

You can bring your jet ski, but you can’t use it in our little section. You would camp on the big lake and use it over there. With the other people doing that.


Do I have to bring a boat? Or make a boat?

No, of course not. There are other ways you can contribute—and you should. But you do not need to make a boat. These boats are for fun. They are not a job.


How does the boat contest work?

The boat contest is on SATURDAY this year, at 2:00 pm. Sunday is a clean up day.

So: your boat competes in a single category. You submit the name of the vessel, the name of the team, and you get a category and a number. Easy. When your category is up, you compete in sequential order. The list of categories below can morph around, but the thing that will NOT change is that 1) the kids go first (they’re kids), and 2) Least Effort goes last (since it is, of course, our top prize). There will be a registration booth in the shop area and it will have a big sign and fussy rule-obsessed clerks to handle your paperwork and everything.

Entries that had a “Performance element” have done really well in the past few years. We recommend choreographed dance boats, live music, bad poetry, water ballet or catapults to enhance your style and increase your chances of getting an award.



  • Sheriff of Kidtown
    (award for little kids—whoever wins gets crowned as Sheriff of Kidtown forever, or for the rest of the afternoon)
  • Most Likely to Kill Pilot
  • Most Likely to Get Pilot Laid
  • Unnecessary Use of Materials
  • Least Comfortable
  • Art School High Concept
  • Boat Least Like a Boat
  • Boat Most Likely to Sink, but Doesn’t
  • Worst Implementation
  • Worst Design
  • Worst Idea (a.k.a. Worst Implementation of Worst Design)
  • Least Effort!

The awards are handmade pieces of art, skillfully decorated, and suitable for display in your closet.

2013 | Kelly C. Gallamore
Anja Ufeldt
2009 | Anja Ufeldt
2013 | Kelly C. Gallamore
2013 | Kelly C. Gallamore
2013 | Kelly C. Gallamore