What is constramping?

Constramping – v. construction + camping.

What’s the point in going out in nature if there are no power tools? What reason is there to float in an idyllic lake, if you’re not doing it on a boat made out of milk jugs, tires and broken pallets? Constramping is for those of us who don’t feel like it’s a real vacation unless it’s kind of ridiculous. Constramping is how mere humans achieve the exalted status of constrampion…

2015 | Randal Alan Smith


Constramption – n. Champion Constrampers

You’ll know them when you see them. They are victors in the battle against boring ol’ camping, besieging the great outdoors with junk piles, power tools, mermaid swimsuits, clam jousting… use your imagination. All for the greatness of non-traditional boating. Know them well, for they are the Tipsters.

2012 | Flip Cassidy

What is a recreationeer?

Recreationeer – n. recreation + engineer.

These are the most noble, courageous, and iron-willed folk among us who possess a dedication to recreation so strong they use it to create even more recreation. They can usually be seen in the shop, recreationeering, making boats from junk, in their swimsuits using power tools, and having really dumb ideas that might just work. The recreationeer can be easily spotted by their fingernails’ artful mechanicure…

2010 | Mark McGothiga

Ok, ok. So what does my admission to the event cover?

Permits. Reports commissioned to get the permits.  Trips to Colusa county to get the permits. Insurance. Sunscreen.  Security. Gate staff. Lifeguards. First aid. Dumpsters. Port-a-potties. Signs. Paint. Official t-shirts. Staff money. Food for staff. Replacement tools for those that get broken, lost, stolen, or dropped in the lake. Generators and fuel to power the remaining tools. Gas to haul equipment there and back. Truck rental. Storage rental. Firewood for the huge bonfire. Paying the musicians. Paying for the P.A. system. Haybales. Gate staff. Fuel. Goth make over make-up. Ice.

The budget is well over $100,000. The point is, your money is well-spent on the thousand and one things it takes to make this happen. Feel good about spending that money on a big awesome event that you’re a part of.


2015 | Randal Alan Smith

Who’s in charge here?!

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