Camp Tipsy

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Camp Tipsy 2015
Monday June 29th, end Sunday July 5th

Camp Tipsy is an annual rotten boat building contest and camp-out held at East Park Reservoir in Colusa County, California organized by the San Francisco Institute of Possibility.

Now in its 8th year, Camp Tipsy is a fun and family-friendly event. Participants build “boats” out of junk and enjoy boating and floating in the reservoir (or as we call it, Lake Lodoga). On Saturday at 2pm your wonderful, whimsical, stupid boats compete for valueless prizes in The Boat Contest.

Each night features musical entertainment under the stars.

This year’s musical guests

Wednesday: Karaoke Night!

Thursday: Crew Open Mike Night

Friday: Trio Paz

Fabulous Spanish flamenco music

Saturday: Rube Waddell

Mixing Blues, Gospel, American and Irish Folk, Country, Rock, Punk, comic Vaudeville and German theater, South-East Asian ditties, a little funk and a lot of raw power

Mermaid Island

Mermaid Atlantis

Hear the siren call of Camp Tipsy! The Mermaid Atlantis and her pod will be present to provide entertainment for all the younger fishies in camp. Splashy family entertainment on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Friday: Magic and Singalong Hour (in the shade)

Saturday: Fairy Tea Party Hour (in the shade)

Sunday: Scavenger Hunt to Mermaid Island – Come swim with a pod of mermaids! (in the water)

For kids of all ages. Magic, crafts and storytelling. Sunday is fun in the water. Please have kids ready for action (sunblock, floaties etc…) This is a parent/kid thing, this is NOT a drop kid off thing. We value and encourage parent participation. Bring a camera on Sunday to get a shot of your kid putting their heads in the mouth of a hydra!!!!
Mermaid Atlantis on YouTube

Camp Tipsy Admission

You must have a ticket to go to Camp Tipsy. Camp Tipsy’s environmental impact and large presence requires a time-consuming (and costly) permit process with both the Bureau of Reclamation and Colusa County. So that’s why all attendees must purchase a ticket to attend Camp Tipsy. We can honor our agreements, we can avoid people going broke throwing the thing, and we can create a huge event safely and responsibly… if everyone who comes chips in.It’s complicated to throw a huge event like this safely and responsibly. Please help us by READING THE FAQ PAGE.

Colusa County has restricting our numbers to 900 people total (including kids). So we are likely going to sell out in 2015. If you want to secure a ticket now (and help get the $11,000 loss off books from 2014), you can buy one here…

Get Your Ticket!